Welcome to my gallery. I've only just started collecting in 2004. My focus has mainly been American animation so far. I love Don Bluth films, Anime and other shows like Animaniacs. I hope you'll like my cels, take a look!

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News & Updates

4/25/2006Finally got around to updating my gallery. I added a cel from The Simpsons, Once Upon a Forest, Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, Mickey and Minnie from Musketeers, and a Slappy and Skippy opening cel from Animaniacs
4/13/2005Acquired an amazing cel of Miss Brisby and Justin from "Secret of NIMH". I never thought I'd have a chance to get a cel from this scene and such a perfect shot. Please take a look
3/12/2005Added a great cel of Duchess from Aristocats.
11/3/2004Recieved my Minerva cel so I updated the image with one I took. I also added 3 drawings of Brisby from Secret of NIMH!

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Title Last Updated
Secret of NIMH Updated 4/13/2005
All Dogs go to Heaven 2 9/6/2004
An American Tail 9/6/2004
Animalympics 10/1/2004
Animaniacs 4/25/2006
Aristocats Duchess 3/12/2005
Billy and Mandy 9/6/2004
Cats Don't Dance 9/6/2004
Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers 9/6/2004
Disney Three Musketeers 4/25/2006
Once Upon A Forest 4/25/2006
Ranma 1/2 4/25/2006
Rock-A-Doodle 9/6/2004
Simpsons 4/25/2006
Swingshift Cinderella (Tex Avery) 9/6/2004

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